Friday, June 11, 2010

Should I?

My pondering is should I sign up to run a 5K in Spetember? This would be about 4 months post partum.... I am 4 weeks out now and just ran my first entire mile, straight. I ran at 4.5 mph, which is not impressive, but I did it w/o stopping!!!

Wednesday my weigh in was 194- down 30 lbs since I gave birth. 24 pounds of baby weight to go. I am going to start trying now..... (yep, 30 lbs w/o an effort.)

Back to my question... I know that 3 miles is doable, so I know I can do it. Paying a registration fee would make me invested to do it. Having a fitness goal 3 months out to train for, would keep me on track. I have ran in the past to lose weight for my wedding, but I have never done a race (even though to me it would be about completing, not competing). I look at it as an opportunity to help me lose the 24 lbs faster....

I am almost sold...

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  1. Do it!!!! I will be there for Bismarcks Roughrider. Not sure on the distance I will be doing though.