Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another 5K done!

I woke this morning and got out to run. It was 35 degrees this morning after our snow flurries yesterday. (Seriously, it is SEPTEMBER!) I did not set any records. I ran the entire race and I completed it shortly after my third child turned 4 months old. I do not know my results (I think 33, my friend says 31... we'll know for sure when the results are posted on

My said daughter, was an angel for her father. She did not cry or throw a fit. She cuddled and took a nap and woke when I returned home. I am so relieved. That 2 hours was the longest I have ever left her and I think that 3.5 hour stretch may be the longest time she has went w/o a feeding... though she did sleep most of it.

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