Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you need a new stocking hat?

Well, I have had a really hard time finding a winter hat for my almost 6 month daughter, Dylan.
My parents have an alcapa ranch and mentioned that they were going to make hats to the girls for Christmas. I think I presuaded them to make ones for Dylan sooner, since I will need it for her before then. These hats are 100% alpaca.
This is Dylan in the 6-12 month hat.
To purchase one, click here.
Here she is in the 3-6 month hat. To purchase a similar hat, click here.

They have toddler, childrens and adult sizes too. I think that this is the first baby hat I have felt that is a tight knit, tight fitting and feels warm.

They appear to have only hats for the winter on their website now. I also have coasters, a cardigan, a sweater, and slippers made out of Alpaca.
I really think at $11.99 these hats are a steal!

They also have an etsy site.

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