Friday, November 26, 2010

Let the holiday baking begin!!

Here is our Thanksgiving baking...
I am proud to say that I added the ingredients, or rather measured the ingredients, handed them over to Alex & Taylor and they mixed the batter. I poured them into cups and baked them. Alex then frosted the cupcakes and inserted the candy corn. The girls wanted to bake sugar cookies for Christmas for a few weeks now. I put it off until the day after Thanksgiving. So, this morning we made the dough (which is now in the fridge). While the dough was cooling, we made a batch of banana bread and a batch of cranberry orange bread. I baked the bread in mini loaf pans and intend to give the bread to our neighbors with their Christmas cards this weekend. We do need to start cutting out the cookies soon....

Sugar cookies are not my favorite. I really don't like sugar cookies. I figure that we are making these and decorating them merely out of tradition. Not that we did it as kids, but more the experience for the girls. I tell you what, I hope I am making bakers out of them! They sure do a lot of cooking with me!!!

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