Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Explosive diapers

So yesterday my dear daughter had her 2 month shots - poor girl! :o( She has been down to 1-2 poops a day but the rotavirus vaccine causes diarehea, so she had more yesterday. I was feeding her at bedtime and she started pooping. Well, I then feel something warm on my crotch. Well, it turns out that her poop went out the back of the diaper, as it does when she poops while I am feeding her. It was a lot of poop, so it ran down the front of ME and all over the chair I was sitting in. You know there is a problem when the MOM needs to shower after the baby poops. It is just wrong that I had poop in my butt crack from her diaper! I already planned this, but after this pack of diapers, we are going up a size. :o)

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