Friday, July 16, 2010

Life of a runner?!

Well, I think 5 days in a row I have ran now. (Ha! Does that make me a runner?!) Well, I ran 1.5 mi outside in 17 minutes, then 2 miles outside in 22 minutes. I ran 1.5 miles the last 2 days on the treadmill and a little over 2 miles today. I wanted to go more, but the 2nd interuption by my 4 yo, made me stop - and the baby was starting to cry too.....

So, I wake with the baby in the morning and shower before the morning activities - because that is what I do. I shower in the morning to feel human. So, I typically eat lunch - get Dylan and Taylor down for naps - then change and run on the treadmill downstairs. I then shower again to feel human and not like a sweat monster... I also have to put on a tight sports bra to run since I am nursing... so I feel the shower has to happen fast in case my now 2 month old needs to eat, since the sports bra is tight and does not allow any wiggle room (thankfully!).

I don't know if this working out is helping my waistline... I know to want results after 5 days is expecting a lot (isn't it?). Well, I am not limiting my diet though. I think this is a fine line to walk. To eat enough to produce for your kid - yet to eat little enough that your body will feed the baby off your fat reserves.... I still have 25 lbs I want to lose so this may take a few more months. I think I will focus on running until after my 5K in September, then I will do more 30 day shred for toning in addition to running.

My big note for the week is that my 2 month old slept 3 nights this week from 9-9:30 pm until 6 - 6:30 am! 8-9 hours 3 nights out of 4! That makes a Mommy have a great big smile! :o) Alex didn't sleep like that until she was 4.5 months, Taylor didn't sleep like that until LAST SUMMER!

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