Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby's First Camping Trip!

Okay, so I know we are insane.
We took Dylan camping in Devils Lake, ND at 7 weeks old. We left on July 5th - which was a 3 hour drive (turned pretty much 4). Stayed 2 nights and returned. We went up there to visit friends from Kansas who have family in Devils Lake. We figure if they travel that far - and are so close we can go 3 hours to see them. Here is Wade, Alex and Taylor as they are preparing to go fishing. They got to go out on the boat, but returned empty handed.
Here is Dylan sleeping in a mushroom chair at our campsite.

Here is the view from our campsite.

Here Dylan is looking around in her pack n play.

Another of our little lady.
This trip would not have been possible if I did not stay in the camper with our friends and their kids. They have Jack who is 2 months younger than Alex, Bodie who is 4 months younger than Taylor and an opps - Tucker is 6 months older than Dylan.

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  1. Cute pics of Dyl, the first I've seen her out of the sling! She's a beauty, like her mama!