Sunday, August 15, 2010

My naughty daugher...

It has not been a secret that we have had our share of challenges with our dear 4 year old since the birth of her baby sister. I think this latest one takes the cake for naughtiness. Yes, she has started to pee the bed at night since her sister, yes, she gets into trouble when I am feeding the baby, yes she pushes and bosses her two year old sister around, yes she is always in the babies face.... however this one makes the rest look so minor.

Despite her actions a few weeks ago, I ran on the treadmill and put the baby on her blanket in the living room while I showered. Alex comes running into the bathroom telling me that baby puked. I tell Alex to hold her on her side and I will take care of it when I get out (I had conditioner in my hair). Alex leaves and runs back saying that baby has puke on her eyes. I jump out of the shower and poor Dylan is screaming like she is hurt. (I tried to cover with my towel, I just pray no one was out taking a walk by my house that day. We have a 8x6 foot bay window in our living room that would have had quite the show in it!) I get baby cleaned a bit and place her in her bouncey and reprimand Alex. I return to the shower, throw something on and give the baby a bath. Alex later fessed up that she was trying to shove a pacifier (which Dylan does not like) into her baby sister's mouth to get her to be quiet.

NOPE, that was not the naughtiest thing!

Last night the girls really want to see the 11 year old neighbor girl. There had been no activity at their house all day and she saw that her dad was home then. I told Alex that we would go outside after Dylan woke up because she had just fell asleep. The girls were watching cartoons and Dylan was asleep in her bouncey seat. I took advantage of the moment and went to my bedroom to fold laundry. I come out to check on them just in time to hear Dylan start screaming, from a dead sleep. At first, I thought she was having a dream - but then it progressed and got worse. Taylor first tells me that she hit baby in the eye. It comes out shortly that ALEX flicked her sleeping baby sister in the eye to get her to wake up so she could see the neighbor girl sooner. REALLY?! If you turn off the baby's vibrator on her chair, she wakes. If the girls yell, she wakes. But NO! Her sister thought that it was somehow a good idea to hit her baby sister in the eye while she is sleeping! WTF?!

Have I ever mentioned that I am glad she starts preschool soon, very soon.


  1. I wish I had some advice for you, but we have never had the kind of problems that you seems to be having when we have added a new one to the family, our kids have always been uber accepting and thrilled to have a new sibling etc.
    Although I think if we were to try to bring a baby into the house now with Brody we could have some serious carnage on our hands...that little boy is just evil... lol
    I hope things calms down soon... HUGS and love

  2. Oh hugs, I have no advice either. The boys all were actually thrilled for each of our additions as well. IT can only get better, right?