Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So, what is my goal weight?

When I was doing Weight Watchers last year, I think the top weight for my height of 5'9" was 169 - by current BMI standards. So, of course, this was the goal - 165-169 or so. I think I got down to 160 at one time....

Well, I found an old calorie counter book. I wanted to look up calories in the tomato, onion and avacado in my salad. Well, the book was published in 1972 (before I was born). According to the chart in that book, my top weight should be 158 lbs. Now, it may be doable, but harder to maintain.... lets be real. How many Moms of 3 (or more) kids can really be that small? If you can, I hate you. Okay, not really, but you are the girl we all wanted to be in school. Oh - wait - that was me in school! Having kids has certainly messed with my metabolism. I think I was 145 when I graduated high school and maybe 150 when I got married (but I worked out 1-2 times a day and ate 1500 cal/day to acheive that at 27!). Just to compare, I never tried to lose weight or watch my waist until I got engaged. I was 165 when I graduate college and I age whatever I wanted, but I also played softball and had team practice 3-4 hours a day.

I guess what caught me by reading this old book was how the standard of slim has changed so over 35 years. I have set my goal of 2 lbs a week, 2000 cal a day (since I am nursing!), 300-500 a day calorie burn AND to reach my goal weight by November 1st! I am not sure if my goal will be 158, 169 or maybe somewhere in between.... all look better to me than 189-194 that I have been fluctuating since June.

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