Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pics of the kids

So, here is an easy update to my blog... Alex & Taylor goofing around. Such pretty smiles!
The littlest princess thinking Daddy is SO funny!

Smiling in her princess shirt....

Don't we all have pics like this that the kids dressed themselves?
I've let her go out in a dress and rainboots before... the husband is a little embarrassed at that.

Here is Dylan's picture that will be on the screen at church Sunday at her baptism.


  1. Your girls are beautiful!!!!

    I can relate to the interesting clothing combo's. I let Grace go to Lowe's with my today wearing: a tiara, multiple huge bling rings, a dress, black knee socks, & Fancy Nancy hot pink heals. For Quinn, it was a dog costume that he worn EVERYWHERE including to visit dad at work and Walmart. He would even bark at people. Hey, I figure, there is a very short time span that you can do those things without being a total weirdo, so they might as well enjoy, LOL!