Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Names

Why is naming a baby so damn hard?! When Taylor (our little one) was little we knew the next name choices for baby #3. Ryan for a girl and Evan for a boy. Well, then our neighbors have a boy last summer and named him Ryan. I love the name and am a little one the fence if we could still use it. However, do you want your child to grow up with a kid the opposite sex with the same name? I know that is possible with Alex or Taylor - but to knowingly do this when you KNOW the kids will grow up 2 houses down from each other?!
So, I guess I should just pray that this baby is a boy because I think we used up our girl name options with #1 and #2. Really, the only options I have thrown to my husband he was said no.... He tossed me a couple and one is probably a no - because it is too close to another family member's name. Why does he have to have such a large family?
Why do I feel such an importance to name this baby either way? We did not find out either girl's gender prior to birth and we do not plan to this time either (I am a terrbile liar and if we found out but decided not to tell I would crack). So... I guess we will just have to keep thinking about names. Feel free to give your lists!!!


  1. Evan is a great name! I have a brother named Evan:) I think the Ryan thing is your call. You never know, those neighbors could end up moving & new neighbors could move in with a child Alex that is a boy. If that is the name you love and can't find a replacement that you like as much, I would go for it.

    It has been a long time since I have thought about baby names, so I don't have any to share with you. Tony & I always had a hell of a time finding names that we agreed on too.

  2. Ooooh- how about Riley? That is a similar sounding name that I LOVE for a girl.

  3. I told you the other night that I liked Evan for a girl :) It was on our girl list when we got preg with Brody...even though it didn't end with a "y"... :)

  4. NAming is a pain! Some of our best fights are over naming babies. So far we only have one we'll have Elizabeth and Baby B. That will look fun in the nursery!