Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is our house finally healthy?!

I use the term "house," but it refers to only one person in our house thankfully. My dear husband came down with what he was sure was a cold last Monday- yep 11/2 and today is 11/12 - ten days ago. He took dayquil/nyquil and still went to work, went deer hunting, etc. He came home from deer hunting WAY worse than he was when he left. Plus a popped blood blister on his foot from walking a ton in relatively new boots.
So, I can say I have not slept in bed with my husband for the past 10 days because he is scared to get me/us sick. Of course, then he seems that it is fit to take a nap in our bed vs the spare bed he has slept in.... (Hello, doesn't that spread germs into the bed where I sleep?!) But, he says he is going to work tonight. He will work 1 night and is scheduled to be off the next 4, but that depends on overtime.... he has to work it this weekend if there is any, to be off next weekend so we can take a trip to Minneapolis for a much needed weekend away from the kids. Oh - and a football game!

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