Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a little vent....

I am sure that no one cares, but the only people home are 2 & 4 - or close to it. They certainly do not care, so here it goes.

I made the plunge today and called my doc's office to get a physical therapy appointment. With Taylor, I had terrible sciatic nerve pain which walking helped. I never did anything about it. Well, at almost 14 weeks this has me terrified that I won't be able to walk here in 4-5 months.

Other than that, I have been feeling good. Baby likes me much better if I eat every 2.5-3 hours. I haven't felt sick unless I try to space out my eating more, or eat carbs and sugar when I do eat. Baby likes protein!! So... if I can just get my back to feel better life will be good. I will have to shop for snacks that I can take to the hotel next weekend... hmmm.... what kind of protein snacks are good traveling? Maybe some nuts.... Wonder if I can talk the H into taking a few bottles of chocolate milk in the cooler which no doubt will be full of beer?? Ahhh.... what an experience to go to a game pregnant (not that I didn't do this before, but I wasn't as far along!).

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