Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am the winner!

Okay, I am a huge dork if you did not otherwise know this about me. :o) I had a gut feeling this morning that I would not take anything out for dinner because I was going to win the dollar dinner at our Moms Club business meeting. Well, I went to the meeting and WON DINNER! I am very excited to have a whole rotisserie chicken (that I have not touched in the 2 hours I have been home!), potatoes, rice and cookies. Cookies and sweets tend to make me sick right now, but I did have one after lunch - the key is to pair the sweets with protein to even it all out. I have already put the rice in the cupboard and will make a veggie instead to balance out the carbs so my ass doesn't get even larger than my belly. :o)

On another note, I ordered my Christmas cards last week through Shutterfly. I had a tracking number and looked today since it said delivery was Mon-Wed this week. It said that it was delivered last night IN CALIFORNIA! So, I called Shutterfly and they issued a free re-order. I called UPS freaking out a little that someone has 100 photo cards of my kids. Turns out that the tracking # had been reused and my order is indeed out for shipment today in ND. (I hope what he said is true!) SO, I had to call Shutterfly back and cancel the reorder since I really, really do not want 200 Christmas cards since I probably do not know 200 people - unless I send one to each family member seperately! Ha!

So, I am printing my Christmas letters and waiting for my cards to arrive so I can address them and mail them out right after Turkey day!!!


  1. But wont you fall over if your belly gets bigger than your ass? Just Joking!

    And why dont I ever get to win Dollar dinner? I mean I have been in the club for 5 years and only won like 2 times.

  2. What do you want me to make for you to win next month? I will make your request!