Sunday, November 8, 2009

He got it!

I don't care whatever you think about the size of this deer. I am just very happy and proud of my husband that he got one this year. This is only his 3rd year in his 36 years of life that he has gotten a deer tag. Last year, he went out twice and his cousin got upset with him because was not a very good shot. However, if you are not raised hunting - what do you expect?! I emailed this pic to my parents and my Dad commented that it looks like a small dog. I am not sure why this bothered me - but I will skip telling my husband. I am just proud of him for getting one no matter how small. Now.... how to cook venison.....
So, this is my 13 week pregnant belly from yesterday. OMG! I have 27 weeks still to go and look at that belly! Prior to this picture Alex and I had raked leaved. 12 bags to be exact. I dragged 18 bags of leaves to the composite site which was overflowing. I guess everyone else in town had the same thoughts during these nice days.

Okay, here is my vent for the day. I was woken up twice last night by two fairly adorable girls who just so happen to live in my house... so I can't be too mad at them - can I?! The little one came in my room at 6:30 which she thought was time to get up and my rule is "not until the 'shine is up." :o) So, she laid in my bed and snuggled until her sis got up at 7.
I did wake at 5:30 this morning by a not so cute factor.
See picture below:

Yes, my girls have a toy espresso machine.
The only problem is that it is noisy.
If it gets left in the ON or BREW modes, it randomly goes off whenever it feels like it.
If we live in this house another 10 years we WILL sound proof and insulate between the floors.
I heard this lovely toy once during the night, but went back to sleep.
I do not think I slept really after I heard it at 5:30 - which it played almost constant until I hauled my ass downstairs to turn it off about 6.

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