Saturday, November 28, 2009

So tired of sickness!

First my dear husband has been sick for the past month or so with a cold that he just hasn't kicked. Then I get his cold 3 weeks after him.... I don't think he understands because he can at least dope up with dayquil & nitequil - I can't! Then we get back from our weekend getaway on Monday evening and Tuesday as I am taking the girls to a Moms Club lunch, Alex begins puking (in the van - YEAH!). She only has the stomach bug for that day and she is now old enough to run to the bathroom to puke, even if she really didn't puke, she never missed and puked anywhere else other than the first shot in the van. That was Tuesday... Friday night Taylor pukes too. She went to bed as normal but wakes up at midnight, puking in her bed. I put her in the bath, wash her bedding (which I hate to run the washer while they are in bed since it is across the hall from their room - but desperate times call for desperate measures!). Well, I lay back down and hear her puking again... this time I have to change her shirt, pillowcase and just clean the puke off her sheet (it wasn't much - and we only have 1 spare sheet which was on the bed!!!). We lay back down.... same thing... so this time I rock her until she is asleep, it is around 1:45 or so... my stomach is growling!! I ignore it. It is too gross to think of eating right after cleaning so much puke. We sleep until the H gets home from work about 7:30. She ate 1/2 a banana and 1/4 slice of toast for breakfast and has had no problems so far....
Pray for our health!

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