Friday, June 5, 2009

New pants

Okay, it is official, I joined the Summer Slimdown Challenge by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking jeans. I am on team violet.
Starting weight: 172.2 (was 190 4/14 when I started WW)
Goal is to be 160-165

So, I have noticed I have 3 pairs of pants that do not fit anymore. I have one with a drawstring I still wear, but the others I cannot workout in because they fall off. My size 14 jeans are nearly falling off. I did bring up size 12's but haven't been brave enough to wear them yet. I will not be investing in smaller size shorts or capris though. I hope to get pregnant this summer, so the investment seems like a waste to me. Of course, I will not post here if I am pregnant since I will not announce it.

Oh, if the scale is right this morning, I have broken the 20 lbs weight loss! (I used my Monday's official WI for the challenge, today it said 167.8! That would put me at a healthy weight for my height!


  1. Wow! You are doing so great Emily! I think it is great that you are getting so healthy while TTC. I am betting that it will make for a great, healthy pregnancy.

    Also, glad you see you joined the Sisterhood! That is a great loss you have already for the week! So far, I am down .4 since Wednesday, big whoop. Now I head out of town for the weekend. I hope I can use a little self-control while I'm gone so I don't let my team down the first week!

  2. Congratulations Emily!!! You are such an inspiration (even if I do hate you ;p ).... love ya!!!