Friday, June 26, 2009

We went camping!

Here is baby redhead at the end of our camping trip!
She has a messy face from her love of baked BBQ chips.
Big Sister caught a catfish!
We filleted it, fried it and ate it.
This is the girls walking with Wade ome morning to get water.
Like big sister's pink jammies?

This was the first day. Not the best pic of the girls, but the background is amazing!

I had so much fun camping with my girls. The downsides of the trip were 1) a steep hill getting to and from the water on one side of our camp. I had a hard time walking up/down it (granted I was carrying baby all times too!). and 2) baby redhead slept with us both nights. 3) I ate way too much and seem to have gained a pound or two. We didn't have room for her PNP, so we tried to have her sleep on a mattress. That didn't work. She did stay warm snuggled between us though.

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