Sunday, June 14, 2009

~Running on a different schedule~

I feel like I am running on a different schedule than most of America. Not just me, but my family. I guess I could extend this to say all family of shift workers. It is hard to get used to and hard to adjust. 4 day of being gone, working 15 hour days, 4 days home to enjoy. Of course, summer is now upon us and overtime is mandatory. Today is one of those days. Low on OT and no one else to fill. Did I mention that I am hosting a Tastefully Simple party today? Of course, he had to skirt out of OT 2 weeks ago so we could enjoy our anniversary as well as his cousin's wedding. So, I guess when it comes to working, I would prefer he work now rather than then. I do like the fact with his schedule I can get out at times that most Americans cannot. Monday afternoon I am going to take a bit to run some errands, alone. I also need to grocery shop which is also more pleasurable alone. (If grocery shopping can be pleasurable!) I have had it with the kids by the time the H gets home the past 2 nights. Last night was better because Alex fell asleep before he got home while she was in her room for a timeout. One night I took a bath, last night I folded laundry. Of course, baby red head had to climb on my bed (which is taller than average) and grab at the clothes I folded.
Yesterday, I updated my pictures on shutterfly. Feel free to view them at
I have weighed myself today and it looks like I will have little to any weight loss this week. I know I have pushed my portion sizes. I also need to drink water and hopefully that will help. I post my WI results tomorrow.

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