Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Yesterday morning, I noticed stuff on the outside of Taylor's ear. Not food, but something and it was dry. Yuck... that is not supposed to happen! So, I do what every grown, responsible woman would do, I called my Mom. She used to be a Medical Assistant, so she has worked many years in the doctor's office. No answer, crap! I got the girls jackets and shoes on and out the door we went. Took her to the walk-in clinic and she has a raging double ear infection and the ear I noticed oozing, the ear drum ruptured from the pressure. So, this Mother's Day, please pass me the terrible Mommy award. She got some lovely pink stuff, otherwise known as Amoxicillian. She is to take it 3x a day and I pushed it to give her 3 doses yesterday - and she finally slept through the night last night!

My big milestone for today is that I have earned 50 Activity Points this week. For 9 days now I have woke at 5:30 to workout. I rotate between the 30 day shred and 20 min on the eliptical or 45 min on the eliptical. I do have to admit that today, I only did 25 min... but even I deserve a break sometime, right? Watch, I will feel quilty and squeeze 20 min in when Tay is napping. :o)

So, for my Mother's Day, I am going to clean the house because we are having the H's Mom, Step-Dad and Grandma over tonight for dessert, after the H gets home from work. I bought items and assembled gift baskets for them, bought and wrote the cards - but I feel he should give them the gifts. (Right?) I am going to try a Weight Watchers recipe for brownies. I think I found one that is 2 pts and one that is 3 pts. I am leaning towards making them in a muffin tin too - so it is easier portion control for me too. It is way too easy to just cut them bigger. We will serve (and eat) them with light ice cream too! I will definitely save some points for that! Tomorrow is weigh-in day, so I will post my results!