Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new bag to show!

Yesterday I didn't feel like working out. I turned Jillian off before it really started and did 20 min on the eliptical instead. I paid for it today. I did Jillian plus 30 min on the eliptical to make up for yesterday.

I have a new/old Zag Bag the debut:

This is the Zonia Bag. It was made with rivets near the circles, you can kind of see them in this picture. This bag, if you designed it goes for $100 plus shipping and tax - of course! They now changed the style, because having the rivets limited the fabrics that would endure the weight on the rivets. So.... this one is FOR SALE! I will sell if for $70 OBO.

Give me a call at 701-425-3440 to book a party or for this bag (or the others pictured way below!).

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