Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend!

Thursday night, my MIL and I took the girls to the rides at Sertoma Park, since it was free. Fun but a late night. We got home about 10 pm and I drank a few beers with the neighbors, my husband and our dear friend from here but living in KS.

Friday night was our anniversary and we went and had a 1/2 order of nachos to share and I had a margerita. We then went to the Oar for drinks. 2 Clam Diggers & 2 beers there.... Then to the Grand Round for a shared order of fajitas and a mudslide.

Saturday was a wedding. We went to brunch before though. I didn't eat too bad considering I ate only twice that day. I drank 2 beers that night.

Sunday we had brunch with my FIL and then went boating on the river. I ate too much at brunch!

I forgot to add that Wade was off. I didn't get any exercise in Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Well, except for danicing with my girls all night long!!

So... if I gain this week, I know why!

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