Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tomorrow's Weigh-in

I am scared to weigh in tomorrow. I still worked out every day this week, the same if not more intensity no matter if I felt like it or not. I had a Mary Kay party on Friday night and had a few wine slushes, Saturday we had a BBQ with our neighbors and I ate both desserts that were brought - a peanut butter rice krispy treat with chocolate frosting and a chocolate pudding with cool whip pie with oreo crust. YUM! Okay, I also had a wine slush and 3 or 4 MGD 64's. Today for lunch I had leftovers from the BBQ - I love potato salad (only what me, My Mom or my sister make though)! I did buy light buns and FF dogs - it was the extras I did not plan for that sent me over! :o)
We'll see how I do in the morning. Until then, I will saok in the tub and enjoy!

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