Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Thoughts

Well, I was thinking of how much I have learned in 3 weeks of being on WW. So far, my snack choices are healthy and instead of grabbing the bag of (baked) chips, I now will just grap a couple, or even an apple. I have also made a point to drink more fluids. I haven't given up my coffee or Coke Zero's through the day though.

Amazing enough, I got off caffiene when we were trying to get pregnant. Yea, as soon as I miscarried, I started up again.

One factor on my workouts stems from a car accident 8.5 years ago. I was in an off-center, head-on collision. I shattered my left leg. They never did x-rays of my ankle then, but inserted a rod in my shin-bone (through my knee). I had a lot more pain in my ankle during that recovery... not that there was any more they could do. Ahh... my doc then was Dr. Cutie-patootie! :o) Really, his name is Dr. David Thorsett in Salem, OR. Going to him was a reason to attempt to shave my leg! Anyway, I had a subsequent surgery to remove the screws that were rubbing on a ligament in my knee and a doc wanted to put an implant in my ankle because it wasn't sitting in the joint properly. I refused any more medical intervention than necessary (really, would THAT hurt later?!). So, right now I know my ankle isn't "right", but it will be out for a few days and then be fine. I played on a softball league weeks after my second surgery, so if I can live with that - I can live wit it all! I guess that is enough getting this out. It is not like anyone really reads my blog. :o)

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  1. My gyno in Fargo whas Dr. Hot Stuff. Maybe they are related?

    *I* read your blog dear;-)

    I hope your ankle feels better soon. It sounds like you are doing the right thing and giving it rest when in needs it. Hopefully the exercise you are doing will strengthen it.