Thursday, May 14, 2009

Work out 2

Yesterday I decided not to get up early to work out. I went to the Moms Club business meeting, had lunch at home, then took Alex with me to take the recycling and go to the grocery store. Alex then fell asleep (Taylor was home with Daddy, napping) and I got my workout in. I decided to step up the 30 day shred and try level 2. OMG! I think Jillian was trying to kill me. I then did 60-70 steps per minute on the eliptical for 20 minutes. I was dripping with sweat.

This morning after Taylor woke up crying at 5 am, I decided I was not staying up to work out today. She woke up again about 6 and I pulled her into bed with us where she snuggled for another hour. Then my wonderful husband got up with her and let me sleep. I sat with the girls for almost an hour before I decided to go downstairs to work out. I did 45 min on the eliptical at only about 50 steps per minute because every muscle in my body hurts today. The husband then mowed the lawn and left to go golfing. I get to go to Moms Night Out tonight, so I guess it is fair.

I don't think I said in my weigh in post, but this is the lowest I have weighed since I got pregnant with Taylor in April 2007.

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