Sunday, April 4, 2010

~13 out of 15 days!~

I think this is my record for working out. Being less than 6 weeks away from my due date, my version of working out is less than it was last summer and what most people clasify as working out.... I have walked 1-1.5 miles (one day 3!) each day with the exception of the one day last week I was recovering from the stomach flu and a few days ago that we didn't have any power - and it was snowing out. I do walk at only 2.7-2.9 mph, sometimes at 1-2% incline, but sometimes none. I have been able to complete 1.5 miles in 32-33:30 minutes. Of course, I prefer walking outside to inside.... but with Easter today, I woke and couldn't sleep (Alex woke to pee, then my stomach was growling) so I decided to come walk on the treadmill before showering and getting dressed. I know I will eat entirely too much, but this is one thing I can do to try to keep my weight gain under 50 pounds! :o)

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