Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zoo Day!

We love Zoo Days!
Only a few more weeks until the Zoo opens full time again!
Here are some of our pics from our trip today!! Taylor's favorite, the buffalo.
(that's right, both girls walk the mile loop in order to see the buffalo!)
The girls walking the said lap...

Alex playing with the "stinky monkey's". The little one on the branch would jump on the edge of the glass to "get" her. It was really cute. Cuter if Taylor didn't run our repeatedly because, "It stinks!"

Another shot of the "stinky monkeys".

This is the Puma.
It was pretty intimidating.
It kept walking up and down the fence line watching the girls.
Lastly is the Moose.
The girls were infatuated with him though all he did was lay there...

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