Saturday, April 10, 2010

35 weeks, 35 days left!

So, this pregnancy is really flying by...

I cannot believe that I am really 35 weeks pregnant now. Does it look it? :o) (Don't answer!) I tried to take a belly pic, but our bathroom mirror is embarrassingly dirty, so please excuse it. I will try to get a better one after my daughter wakes. How sad is that? I need my 4 year old to take a picture of me!!
I had a doc appt on Thursday and I am measuring about 5 weeks big. I gained only a pound (YEAH!) and am doing well. My next appt I get an internal and an ultrasound. Right now, my induction happy doctor says that she would let me go until my due date on my own, but not past 41 weeks. My husband is hoping for the 16th of May so that he will be off due to the baby for this. I told him then he needs to arrange for his Mom to take the girls if he is going out 4 days after I give birth!
Well, I have successfully walked 19 of the last 21 days at least a mile with 4 miles or so being the longest. Today, I think we will get our walk at the zoo. :o) I am looking forward to the girls running all over outside.

35 week pregnant baby belly (measuring 40).

So here is a slightly better pic. After my shower and taken by my 4 year old.

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