Wednesday, April 28, 2010

17 days...

So what does a Mama do when she has 2.5 weeks left until her due date (and probably 3 weeks left until her induction date)?

This morning, I have washed 2 loads of clothes (I hate dirty clothes sitting around). I loaded the dishwasher and ran it. I love my new dishwasher. I can take a sink full of dishes and even baked on pans and throw them in and they come clean! I gave the girls a bath... I have to run and exchange a printer cartridge before I do lunch with girlfriends. Then this afternoon will be nap/quiet time and a walk and park time. We had FIL's birthday party last night, so we are invited to MIL's tonight for supper to eat leftovers. I am just estatic that I do not have to cook two nights in a row! :o) I took the girls on my standard 1.5 mi walk yesterday, but had so many contractions and pressure that it was almost unbearable. I am thinking of increasing this to 2.6 mi today to hit a different park than yesterday.... this may change with how I am feeling and how long the Tater Tot naps.

Tomorrow is the doc and I am turning down being violated so I can bring the girlies with me.

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