Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peeve of the day~

We get paper and milk delivery. I realize as a courtesy to these delevery people, we should have snow removed in our driveway/walkway so that we can allow for these services. However, the H did not remove the snow yesterday before he went to work and I had NO desire to try to operate the snowblower yesterday with all the wet snow out there. I also feel bad calling neighbors to ask them for help.... so the 4-6 inches we got yesterday is still in the driveway with tire tracks from my husband going in and out to get to and home from work.

So this morning Taylor wakes me up and I see the newspaper wrapped in blue plastic laying in the said tire tracks, about 2-3 FEET from the road. Really?! Are you so lazy that you just drive down the road and drop it out the window? That is what it looked like. No attempt to even elbow it out the window, just a drop.... So, I waddled my pregnant body out there since I knew the H would more than likely drive over it.... It was slippery! The melty wet stuff we got yesterday froze hard and has a hard shell on it. I needed to put bills in the mailbox as well (which was only 2-3 steps from where the paper was).

This peeves me. Yes, I know that the snow should have been removed. It would make the newpaper carriers job easier. However, I am also tempted to call/email the paper to complain. I could through the damn newspaper closer to the door than that!

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