Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Here are my angelic looking kids on Easter....
Here is their fat Mama on Easter...
34 weeks pregnant doing the dishes...


  1. What beauties (mom too!) If you have a boy I claim dubs on your hand me downs!

  2. You guys look amazing :) And if you have a boy I call GIVING you hand me downs :)

  3. I will gladly accept hand me downs! Funny thing is that Alex's dress made it through two of her cousins before she wore it this year! We have clothes through an 8 for Alex from her cousin! :o)

  4. Lucky girls! I have never been fortunate enough to receive any hand-me-downs for my kids aside from a few shirts from my brother to Kade.

    Your girls look adorable and it looks like your freezer is ready to go for baby!