Friday, April 2, 2010

What the Friday?

I am joining the bandwagon with my girlfriend Sarah on her What the Friday?!
Okay, so I had thought of several WTF things having to do with kids... but this HAS to outweigh any of that. At least for the moment.
Here is my WT Friday?! Yes, this is the view from our front window. It is wet from snow/sleet hitting it... and my guess is that there is 4-6 inches of wet snow out there.
Because of this, we lost power about 9:30 am this morning and just got it back on about 3:30 pm this afternoon. I had to parent today! I did not have TV as a backup... I did not have radio, I did not have even a charged portable DVD player. I did listen to my Ipod for a while when Alex and I cleaned the toyroom. Yes, I was that desperate to do anything that I cleaned!
My dear husband has to drive through this to get to work and the DOT website says that two of the 3 highways to get to his plant are temporarily closed due to down powerlines. So, their plan was to take the interstate to the open highway to get to the plant. (This one had powerlines down too, but they have already been repaired.)
So, I am thankful for power. I am thankful for HEAT. I am thankful that dinner tonight will not be just sandwiches. I am thankful that my kids were good without TV.

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