Monday, April 19, 2010

Breach baby?

So, here is it less than a month before my due date and the baby has flipped. I am fairly certain that after having baby head down for the past two months, he/she has turned and is hanging out head up or transverse. I woke last night to pee and was up for 2 hours having my cervix kicked. I am really hoping and praying that this baby turns so I can avoid a C-section. The very thought scares me. I am NOT a homebody and not being able to do my usual outings will drive me stir crazy. I really don't realize how much I pick up the girls, but at 36 weeks pregnant, I still pick them both up. I am a Mom and I cannot help it! I pick up Taylor and carry her more, but she is only two and is only 27 pounds. I do pick up Alex to help her into the chair to sit with me, put her on her bunk occasionally and help her on the swing at the park. I am really trying hard not to think about it, but I know my doc and I know that if the u/s does not show a head down baby on Thursday, she will schedule a section. Hopefully if that happens, baby will turn before the date and we will not need that. I also believe that I heard that my doc's surgery day is on Tuesdays (could be wrong), so if it is.... she would either want to do it on my B-day (May 4th - 38 weeks, 3 days) or my sister's B-day (May 11th - 39w, 3d).
This thought scares me. Do not ask me why, but I would rather know I will have stitches down a little farther than a doctor cutting my stellar abs! :o)

I also need to say that last Thursday was the 3rd day I have taken off from walking in the past 4.5 weeks. I did not walk because I grocery shopped in the morning and it was a cool, windy day. I finished up my freezer meals that day. I made 4 more meals and 2 snacks. I have 30 or 31 meals total plus 6 loaves of bread (5 garlic, 1 amish), and 1 fruit salad that can be breakfast or a snack and wonderful PB bars that I will have to post the recipe!! So, bring on the baby, I am ready!!!


  1. I'm praying that that sweet baby is NOT breech. If he/she is, I have some exercises that may help:)

  2. It appears that overnight baby turned yet again... I KNOW that baby was transverse at bedtime but I woke at 2:30 am to rib kicks! :o)