Monday, April 26, 2010

19 days... what's left?

Well, today is a rare rainy day that we have no plans. We are going to run to the grocery store to get brownie and cake mix before the sale ends... but that is it. I already started laundry and ran vinegar through the coffee pots after I fixed mine. Alex, who gets vinegar for being naughty thought I should get in trouble for having the vinegar out - and told me, "Daddy doesn't like the smell of that." Well, that is why I did it at 7:30 and Daddy won't be home for 12 hours! :o) Maybe it will diffuse the scent of bacon from yesterday though!

As far as the baby front, I am still walking at least 1.5 mi a day - somedays 2.5-3 but doubtfully with the rain since I am not that big of a treadmill fan. Nothing is happening... I go back to the doc Thursday and will not be checked because I am taking the girls with me. So, the 6th or the 13th I can hope for progression and then will have my membranes stripped. If I have no luck on my own, we will go to the hospital at midnight on the 19th to begin the fun of my 3rd induction! I washed baby clothes, packed my hospital bag and the girls Gma bag... I just need to install the car seat in the van. I also have to go grocery shopping this week and think about it as stocking up so I don't have to run out with a 1-2 week old. I do need to take recycling to the recycling center as well.....

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